Save 90% of your teaching time. Keep up to 90% of the course price.

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No More Time Wasted

  • World-class, updated, and ready to teach curriculum
  • Customized chatbot trained on your course to help answer learner questions
  • Smart auto-graders to help save you time grading (coming soon)

Course Authors

  • Set the price
  • Design the syllabus
  • Develop the course content
  • Keep 100% of the IP
  • Keep 10-15% of the course price every time someone teaches your course

Active Educators

  • Keep up to 90% of the course price if it is your course
  • Keep 70-80% if you are teaching someone else’s course
  • Integrated payment system
  • Network & meet new people
  • Help professionals pick up new skills

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  • Teach other educator’s courses
  • Help each other get corporate training deals

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Ready to Teach Curriculum

More than 40% of an educators’ time is spent developing content. Creating the curriculum is the most time-consuming component of teaching a class and requires pedagogy training. We can help with that.

Smart Auto Graders

More than 40% of an educator’s time is spent grading. Using our AI auto graders, (many of them coming soon), you no longer must think about grading.

AI Chatbot For Every Course

Around 10% of an educator’s time is spent answering learner questions online. We built a state-of-the-art chatbot to help you save this time.

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