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48% of workers are willing to switch

jobs if offered skills training

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Upskilling Your Team

  • Stack Transformations
  • Software and AI literacy
  • 12x more likely to complete the course
  • Customized curriculum to advance your roadmap

Empower Your Team

  • Personalized experience with one-on-ones
  • Reusable production ready code
  • Affordable access to experts
  • Retain candidates

Pay As You Go? Here’s Why

  • Forces us to keep your team learning
  • Is easier to try out
  • Makes scaling more linear
  • Could be terminated at any time
  • Has no fixed costs
  • Creates an urgency for us to satisfy any requests

Work together to show you how to implement

AI solutions and algorithms

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Engineering AI Workshops

Re-skill and up-skill existing software engineers or train them from scratch

Learn to code AI models with live office hours and train your team to build and deploy better software

Executive AI Workshops

Take part in workshops to help build an AI and software strategy for your company

One-on-one live sessions and personalized mentoring to build and deploy the systems

Software Workshops

Executive and Engineering live training to completely reskill your team

Fund an employee to become a software engineer or full stack developer

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